Monday, September 8, 2014

News Media: The new face of terrorism in India

Readers of my blog should be quite aware of my dislike of the news media and their double standards, pro western fads and general life negativity.

But my experience with them hit rock bottom today as I saw face to face first hand the terror that media has unleashed in the country. I was lucky to get away with my life as almost 50 to 60 hooligans pretending to be journalists tried to bash into my car trying to get a better view inside.

And as I left the Victoria Hospital where Swamiji had come for a medical test, the next 30 minutes is the closest I have come at being in a James Bond movie thriller car chase. We were chased by 20 vans from Various news - rather terror - houses each competing with the other to grab a closer view at the vehicle. They protruded their vile filthy cameras into any gap they found.  I almost vomited at the vulgarity and crudeness that the news media has degenerated to!

And finally the chase continued as we headed back to the ashram and eventually when they caught up with me they bashed my car with stones and tried to drag me out - I managed to escape quite narrowly thanks to the intervention of people at the gate. And the funny thing is, they are upset with the fact that I video taped their filthy chase! Can you top that for absurdity??

I am no longer surprised why Indian news media is negative. I am not shocked at them making a porn show of every bit of news they can find. I am not surprised that they are behind all the blackmailing and terror in the country. It all make sense now. It is not media. It is a group of low class thugs. 

You all remember the story of the assam girl whose molestation was created by the newslive channel reporter just to make a news item. And the infamous Bharka Dutt  prostituting her news. If you thought these are an aberration and not the norm, think again!


The lack of revenue in news has made all the decent people leave. And what is left is the ultimate scum of the country. I would have to apologize to scum to use it as a comparison. But language fails to provide me a suitable adjective for such filth.

Absolute power corrupts  absolutely. Couple low class filth with absolute power and we have pretty much the worst case scenario. Every institution in the country is scared if the media - law makers, judiciary, the police, industrialists, politicians and surely the common man.

And thus is born the new face of terrorism in India. Ultimate Evil and  Unchecked by any control.

They peddle porn without qualms in the name of news. They spread lies without a second thought. And today I saw that they are open to killing too. Money and TRP is what they want. And they'd do anything for it. #MediaHooliganism and #NewsPornography are the greatest threat to India. 

The only hope against the monopoly is social media - which is as yet uncontrolled by these mediocre minds. Before that window closes please spread the word so everyone sees that we have a common enemy. Let this understanding  be the beginning of the destruction of the devil that is news media in India. 

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  1. These are the bloodsucking hyenas with diseases inside and outside. They are not even humans...!! Let their diseased minds be healed.!!


  3. Thank God Swamiji and ashramites are OK. Shame on these hooligans!!!

  4. Filthy people...they lack basic humanity.. Kalabhairava will punish them....they are gng to get back fr this...