Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kailash Yatra Day 5-6

Day 5

Photoshoot at the airport.

After waiting for for some time for the airport near Mukthinath to open, Swami decided to take us to Lumbini instead where Buddha was born. Took a 8 hour ride to Lumbini and in the morning visited Buddha's birth place.

In between there was a wonderful incident at a small temple literally in the middle of nowhere where we stopped for lunch which explained why we didnt goto Muktinath!! At the temple all of us were seated for lunch and this very old lady with great difficulty came out and started showing arti to Swami. She could only talk Nepali so we couldn't follow what she was trying to say. Later after we all left Nithya Devi met her and she explained to her how she had lived with the Krishna in the temple for many years and how yesterday he came in her dream and said she would have his dharshan the next day! And when Swami came she went back into the temple and asked for a confirmation and a large flower fell off Krishna's head. She was all tears as we all left and Nithya Devi gave her her mala and bracelet for keeping!

Day 6

Lumbini was a very high energy place. Swami said this was the real birth place as when an incarnation hits the planet, it is sort of like a nuclear blast and the energy trail remains there for ever. Earlier On the bus the previous day I spent an hour with Swami on Google maps on my iPhone seeing all the ashrams and places of interest. He marked out for us the place he was born, the house he grew up in and the mystical Banyan tree on top of Arunachala where he met Arunagiri Yogeshwara!

All the participants had another Photoshoot with Swami at Lumbini. Followed by an hour of general q&a with him in the bus followed by another hour at the hotel.

And now all of us are heading back to Katmandu.

Location:Pokhara - Tiny hamlet - Lumbini - Katmandu

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kailash Yatra Day 4 Afternoon

On the bus back from the Vindya Vashini temple Swami talked about Saligramas and how they are formed. How the stone has life in it and can suck out pain. But unfortunately many of these were man made. Luckily for me he picked out one for me that was genuine. And not only that he energized it for me by holding it throughout the afternoon!!!!

After that we found a scenic riverbank to relax and chat..

And in the middle of it all Swami started a mind-blowing process of transferring the bio memory of teleportation from the teleporters to two others. You could visibly see the transfer happening as the recipients who were holding the hands with the source were getting hot and perspiring in the cold evening outdoors. Swami said that transferring from others was in some ways easier since the bio memories resist their peers less as opposed to Swami who is so vast and hence might be intimidating. He said the heat was because he was dissolving all the samskaras and blocks by negotiating with their bio memories and easing their concerns!! Swami says he would have quite a few teleporters and a huge number if levitators (more than already there) in the group by the end of the Yatra!

Enjoying history in the making..

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Kailash Yatra Day 4 Morning

Location:Pokhara, Nepal

Kailash Yatra. Day 4

29 July 2011. 1.30pm

Satsang in the morning followed by en-Kriya... In a hall filled with, as Swami put it, "all the heavy weights" of levitation in Dhyanapeetam. And all packed up in a small dining cum meeting room. Quite a Tsunami experience :)

Another morning on the lake with Swami. Swami is in full Kailash mood and available so freely with all the participants! 4 photoshoots and 3 meals from Swami's own hands. 2 half a day boat rides. One 6 hour bus ride! What fun!

Boat ride day 2

Followed by lunch and another enlightening bus ride where swami talked about many mystic details of Avatars and the city inside Kailash, enlightenment, shivas different phases in different towns etc. We then visited the Vindya Vashini temple nearby. This area Swami says is where Devi's relatives stayed an ruled. Devi herself was born near Manasarovar though..

Sadhu on the lakefront

Location:Pokhra Nepal

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kailash Yatra 2011. Days 1..3

July 26th 2011

Part of the Bangalore faction lands at Delhi airport. There was a long fight amongst the Bangalore and Seattle continents as to whose strength was larger. And the matter was settled after Swami subtly referred to himself (and Arun who moved from Seattle to Bangalore last week) as part of the "Bangalore group" :) :)

A wall mural at the airport doubles as a grim reminder of the ruling party in Delhi

First sight of Katmandu

Revealing the sacred secrets of Kailash. The mountain has thousands of enlightened masters in Samadhi inside. It was historically the place where Shiva lived in the body. He live for a very very long time and so his history is often confused by people across the generations and not seen an a real happening..

Photo op with the Divine outside the resort in Katmandu

On the way to the Pasupathinath temple. It was from the Kaplaika tradition but assimilated by Shankara. So the priests are from the south (as in Kedar and Badri). He did this to integrate the country together. This was the place where Shankara was about to be sacrificed by a Kapalika..

Stuck at Katmandu airport due to bad weather at Pokhra enroute to Mukthinath. The airport is years ahead of it's time as it looks a lot more like a bustand.. Which I personally believe will be the future of air travel.

Plan B. 6 hour bus drive..

That which we call a rose by any other form..

Me, Myself and Me

Breakfast on the boat from Swami's own plate in Pokhra as we wait once more for the airport to open up.

Arungundram family photo shoot


Location:Bangalore - Delhi - Katmandu - Pokhra