Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pseudo Scientists

One thing that this levitation recounter showed me more than anything was the amount of intertia and pseudo science practiced by all my friends and relatives. Clearly this violates the laws of physics to have a 80kg body bounce up and down with no effort. No physical force I know of can explain this. And I sort of assume that they don't think I am lying..

Then.. Why does this not excite them? I am assuming they are all mentally dead.. or they know this will change their life around.. and are too scared to do that..


I joined this 48 day yoga course at the Bidadi Ashram... but boy little was I prepared for what I saw. Btw that is me behind the flyer in the 2nd row... Just a few days in to course, a bunch of people in the group started levitating. Check out the photos and videos. At first glance it might seem that these people are jumping up and down - But No! If you try sitting cross legged and hands clenched and try to jump you'll see how impossible it is. They people were floating up and then getting scared and moving down and then being pushed up again. You can see their blissful faces - so stress or effort there.

More pictures: