Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Old Man Slips and Falls in IIT: Discrimination Screams DAPKOPMK

R. Ravindran (name changed) a senior citizen if 65 years slipped and fell when he was on the morning walk through IIT yesterday morning. Ravindran who is a lifetime member of the DAPKOPMK (Dravida Anna Periyar Ambedkar  Karunanidhi Old People Munnetra Kalagam) since the last 2 weeks said the institute was discriminating against old people who found it very hard to walk through the long road from the entrance to the hostels. He said old people, especially from the backward communities, who constitute 20 percent of the electorate were not given equal stature in the IIT who preferred young students and middle aged teachers. This placed terrible hardship on people like him who were trying to move in the campus..

Mr K Alagiri who is the security guard at the main entrance to the IIT gate said Mr Ravindran did not have a job in the IIT nor was he a professor or Alumni. He used the campus for his walk after driving 5 kilometers in his BMW from his house in Greenways Road.

"Such talk is malicious and an attempt to deflect the public opinion from the issue at hand of discrimination of backward class old people" said  Mr Moo Kannanidi in what appeared to be an old video statement with a different voice over from his house in Gopalapuram.

A huge crowd of old people gathered outside the IIT gate and the police had to use their own retired officer's corp unit personal to apply gentle force to make sure they don't break their bones.  It took 8 hours for the senior citizens to travel from various parts of Gunindy and assemble outside the gate and more than 4 hours for them to slowly walk back to their respective waiting rickshaws after the protest was called off. "I have never seen a more frustrating day" said Kamalakannan DIG of Senior Citizen Affairs in the Tamil Nadu Police.

The TV Channels owing to a slow news day all stormed in on IIT Madras campus and tried to hunt down every old people they found to take their statements. The lack of old people there led to an all out melee with cameramen bashing each other up as they grabbed old people violently each way towards their camera crews.

The Institute did not issue a notice regarding this. "Modi must answer for this!" screamed an old man of 20 years from the crowds as they burnt an effigy of Narendra Modi. Judging by the reaction on twitter, we have to say the rest of the Kalagam Katchi followers feel the same.  "Please consider the fact that Modi too is a senior citizen and would never willingly cause harm to an old man" said BJP Tamil Nadu head Smt Lalita Kalyanasundaram in her TV interview.

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