Thursday, June 14, 2012

Police State - The naked face of fascism in Karnataka

Just when you thought that things couldn't get worse or get more comical, it gets both worse and more comical. This is what struck me as I witnessed today the un sanitized, un filtered, raw nature of the political beast face to face.

It was 7 in the evening and the sun light had just gone completely out and the lawn lights were turned on in full. I was standing all alone large ground the size of a soccer field in front of the "District Commisioner"'s office in Ramnagar - about 20 kilometers from Bidadi. The field was in front of a towering large glass covered office building with huge pillars in the front.  I watched in slow motion the immense activity all around me. I was all alone. But the field was crowded with close to 200 to 300 policemen. All the top officials of the state were there. Competing with us for space was 5 large police vans and more than 30 other odd police vehicles - Vans, Jeeps, Mini busses and what not - with their headlights turned on and many filled with police personnel. Just across the wall behind me a few hundred feet away  adjoining the Mysore highway were hundreds of media men clicking their bright flashes and zooming in their large ugly cameras to strip any small tit-bit that they can tear from the scene before others - without any consideration of politeness or decency. The traffic was partially stalled in this important highway as all the people stopped to watched the drama,

And in front of me in one of the large police vans, in some middle row and behind the translucent and barred glass window was sitting the greatest human being that exists on this planet today. Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  Arrested - in what is a case of outright violation of human rights, civil liberties or the law of the country - by a group of mediocre and amoral policemen working under the behest of even more mediocre politicians and the ignorant public moved by the frenzy of falsity fed to them by the media - who are not only mediocre but also cheap and out-rightly immoral.  They were all congratulating each other and  _ the _ of each of their superiors congratulating them on the "bravery" and planning and success

About 20 minutes before all this, I witnessed an ridiculous excuse for a courtroom hearing. I don't know if I can comment on the happenings for this ridiculousness called "Contempt of Court". I don't know if there is some law for "The contempt of  The Contempt of Court". I would not be surprised now if there was one and I would be booked under that.  I wouldn't be surprised much at this moment by pretty much anything that can happen.

I joined the hearing  at 6.30pm and squeezed into the huge court room (which was in contrast with the small crowded courtrooms we had been in for the previous 'trial') pushing past policemen that covered every inch of the hallway and stairs from the entrance of the District Commissioner's office to this room on the first floor. The large courtroom that could accommodate a few hundred people  had just 10 odd people. The judge - who was so intelligent that he already knew what he was going to say. It was so clear what the outcome was going to be. The act started even without the counsel for the accused being present. One of the counsel's juniors had just walked in with me and I managed to get it with great difficulty as no one was being allowed in to the entire campus. Paramahamsa Nithyananda was now being charged with section 107 and 153 of  the penal code - meaning he was inciting the public and causing riots!

This was the next upgrade to the previous case I talk about in my earlier article where we are charged for getting beaten. Now He was being charged because the government, the media an a bunch of rowdies destroyed his property and have threatened and harrassed Him and his people.  The government counsel talked for  a couple of minutes about this without making sense. For his own protection he needed to be arrested and sent to jail. The junior of the lawyer for Swami who had just walked in to this wierdest situation tried to ask for bail since this was a bailable offense and should be given bail immediately. But the judge declared that he was too busy today to hear this!!!!   No argument from the attorneys and Swami was even heard as the judgement was written and read out.  Presumably because, as I said, the judge was very intelligent and did not need to hear any arguments to understand the truth. At the end of this he was sent to Mysore jail for the night and we were to come back at 2pm the next day for arguments. I don't know what other important engagements happen in a court in a tiny town in a small random district from 9am to 2pm that is more important than handling this case that got the entire state to a standstill and had the top officials of the police force waiting in the room and in the ground downstairs. But surely they could not have chosen 2pm without such important things needing to be handled.

Swami Nithyananda produced before the 
"small" magistrate's  court in Ramnagara
And continuing my narration in Memento style, just an hour earlier a bunch of us were waiting totally relieved outside the State police officer's training academy waiting for him to be released after the court allowed his bailment from his "arrest but not arrest" in the case where some of his devotees were manhandled by Goondas from Suvarna. He was there "just for safety" for a few hours we had been told while they were "arranging for a new set of policemen to escort him to Madurai".  Now we knew that the wait was so that they could file the new case just minutes before closing time and so no bail arguments can be heard.

Cops outside the ashram illegally
"restricting and searching"
without any  warrant or notice
And "maybe".. just "maybe" related to all this action was that few hours before, the ashram had filed a case against the Chief Minister, the IG and the government machinery for illegally "sealing" the ashram without any notice and harassing the residents in the name of investigations and "searching for evidence". All the ashramites were in virtual house arrest as they could not leave or enter the premises. Their communications with the outside world are stopped. The internet is taken down. Their kids were being ordered to gather in the grounds and told that they were all "being brainwashed"! Media was presenting false "findings" in the ashram continuously and claiming ridiculous things like they found alchohol, drugs and what not.

Chief Minister of Karnataka
"Sadananda" Gowda
And couple of days before the Chief Minister of this state had announced that Swami would be arrested and the ashram sealed and taken over. It is funny why the head of state would interfere in a case that was sub-judice and where the "so called investigations" were going on for 2 years now. And the investigation agencies had no progress whatsover. And in a case where no new evidence was found. Except for one channel illegally asking one of the witnesses to talk and airing her false interview for days on end 24x7 to create the illusion that it was true.  Maybe this has nothing to do with the internal spat between two fractions of the ruling party trying to get power and each of them figuring out how best to pander to the so ridiculously called "pro kannadiga" sentiments to increase their chances of success.

Here is a pictorial description of the sequence of events in this drama before this - & from my earlier posting

There we have - the battle field laid out bare for everyone to see. On the one side there is Krishna and a few hundred of his dedicated devotees who stand with Him instead of hiding under their beds and facebook accounts. Standing against him are the Kauravas with the entire machinery of the state - the executive including the Chief Minister, the Home minister, Law minister and what not, the judiciary, the entire police machinery of the state including the top officials starting from the IG, the DC, SP and what not, all the media houses of the state and the country and now a large majority of the public who have been convinced that. It is an terribly unfair battle. And one that not many people can survive .. or even dream of even standing up to.

But Swami is no ordinary person. And I know for sure that he will win. But how the events will unfold is something that I cannot really fathom. I hold my breath and my mala as I continue to watch this movie which is both an intense action drama and a very funny comedy at the same time.


  1. Dear, thank you so much for this writing. I can not even explain how much this means for us who are not there! Please continue.

  2. Thank you for writing and sharing it with us. Its SHAME ON KARNATAKA AND TO THE REST OF INDIA, for allowing such criminal injustice to happen in front of camera and print, that too to an Enlightened Master. SHAME on each of us, HIS devotees, for having allowed this to happen - again!

  3. awesome narration....but its really sad!

  4. Thank you for sharing this information it gave lot of relief for so many devotees and disciples.

  5. thanks. god is watching everything....nithyanandam

  6. it's unbelievable what is going on there!!! i simply have no words for it...!! you are right, drama and comedy at the same time. may all these goondas get what they deserve. let us continue to support Swamiji and stand strong!! thanks for posting and please keep us updated!!


  8. Thank you very much for bringing this shameful act of politicians and bureaucrats to light. Unfortunately most of the people are guided by the unscrupulous media. It is high time all the positive minded people should join together to expose all such nonsense that is happening.

  9. Atrocities by media and mafias....cosmos will give back what is given to it...

  10. Thank you so much for posting this first hand account. We care very much about all of you and our homes stand open to receive you. I wish I were there and could go to jail with Master. Many will not be able to log into Nithyananda's website today and will worry, so, thank you for letting us know why the site is down. alixandralove (Annette)

  11. Satyameva jayate... Who is on satya, everyone knows... The one who teaches meditation and peace is always a compassionate being... Swamiji is the rupam of compassion yet a kala-bhairava... So, his anandha natanam is going to come soon.

    He already have said, some comedy, some romance, then fight scene and finally, auspiciousness... which is what i believe happening now. This blog article tears the mask of the karnataka police and its law and order clearly...Thank you for writing this.. Nithyanandam.

    Wherever swamiji steps in, he cleanses the area from all negativity based on cosmic law.

  12. Just claim Common Law and waive their benefits. They don't have jurisdiction over One unless One gives it to them. Remember: You are God!

  13. Ndm Moksha Priyan Ji,

    It may be true that this detention was in retaliation for the complaint filed against the government.But it actually might be true that govt feels that Swami is safer in custody than in the ashram. The Suvarna and SunTV people seem to be completely un-intimidated by injunctions and court threats, and are quite capable of hiring more mobs to storm the ashram.

    Even tho the ashram is sealed and people feel restricted, they might be safer under "martial law" for the moment. It would be awful if somebody got lynched just for being an ashramite, but if they went into town that might actually happen.

    The govmt has to pacify everybody (including the "other side")as well as dispense justice. They don't want more riots, nor do they want murders on their hands. It looks like they understand the seriousness of what happened to Atmaprabhananda, and they don't want any attempts at murder to succeed. In any case they are surely aware that his attackers will be prosecute for attempted murder. That is something we can strongly push for and can surely succeed.

    There may also be a lot of ego involved1! Always the case in politics!! But it seems like they may be thinking at least reasonably.

    Great beings need protection at times. Look at the sad case of Benazir Bhutto, who insisted on going into public. She wanted to reach out to her people, yes! But alas, not all of them wanted her outreach, and one violent rowdy took her away from all the others.

    we know we will win, ayya. Our Master is, as you say, the greatest being on Planet Earth.

    Thank you so much for writing, it means so much esp when we are far away.

    faithfully in Nithyananda

    Ma Nithya Sarvavidyaa

  14. Thank you so much and please please stay safe and keep us informed. Bless you.

  15. Thank you. It is funny, the more they want to break us, the more united we are and we stand strong!.

  16. Ban Survana Kannnada News channel, they are misleading innocent Karnataka people !!!!!

  17. What a second-to- second presentation .thankyou ! This is for good .All these are for good ! Swami is the Krishna who is only in the process of blasting these irresponsible cowards ,claiming to run a govt , while still on cuffs tied by rowdy elements ! This drama of Nithyananda Krishna is going to show them what a govt will face if they did these cheap things - a costlee shelling out its going to be for them if they continue to mishandle the govt of a People !! .I am sure that Swami is only in process of making karnataka a calm place for the divine home the Nithyananda Dhyanapetam. The events and ways may seem coarse but end is going to be only krishnamaya ! Dhyanapetam is Gods' Home and this 'Pupa' though seem to be tied by hooligaism , will soon bubble out into sweet butterfly . nithyanandam !

  18. Tears come into my eyes reading this. Don't know i have fallen so love to this Swami-Nithyananda as i am writing this. i have never seen him or met him personally but i hear him daily, see his updates in facebook and youtube. He has given so much to me. i have been planning so long to see him. even thou i have my own master.So much of passion and truth in this article. All emotions are mine[other devotee's as well] as well thats why this tear. I am now in Australia , and have written to every news media and minsters[ as requested by Nithyananda Ashram] and have been commenting on almost all the articel in medida houses upto middle of night. whom to pray when the master himself is enacting the drama? but it creates such a ruffle in your system, the bias and unruly has rule the common people. please keep writing. all my best wishes and prayers to you. I wud say even if all is true, no one needs such unfair treatment. laws shd follow its course.