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Exposing The Truth about India's Poverty.. & its Solution!

It is a lie that India is a poor country...  

The poverty of India is not in lack of resources. Not even in the fact that we are still ruled by a corrupt foreign government that is swindling the people of the country. Nor that our education system and media - which is more than 80% foreign owned - are working either actively or unconsciously against India's great culture and engaging in slandering our tradition and our Gurus in an attempt to cover up this conspiracy. Or that we are over populated - population in fact is really our only asset if only we look at ourselves the right way.. But more on that later. And  certainly and surely, the problem is not that Indian women or temples keep gold with them because they distrust the economy as the current government would have us believe.

There is no absoluteness in wealth. When you want what the other has, you become poor and they become rich. 

When the Buddha went to beg, it was said, that he would look like an emperor and the kings waiting to give him alms looked like beggars.
Every one who calls himself or herself a Hindu should read this book Crimes Against India and the Need to Protect it's Ancient Vedic Tradition by Stephen Knapp. I talked about it in my previous post.  It is an amazing compilation of the attacks that India has faced over the last 1000 years - from the Muslims, through the Europeans, the British and all the way to current day where coca-cola and the church go hand in hand just as the East-India-Company and the missionaries did in the 1600s. While all the cruelty and torture done to Indians and the plunder of  thousands of tons of gold and invaluable treasures from our country is just horrible...

The most terrible thing the foreign rulers did to India was to steal the confidence Indians had on themselves!

The moment we became poor was when we started believing that we were poor and backward! The slums and the dirty roads are just the side effects of this. And how did they manage to do this???  Well.. Just by this one thing!

By making people believe that Hinduism and India are two different things! And by making Indians believe that the stories of Hinduism are mythology and imaginations and not the history of India.

You may wonder how this single thing can cause all the problems we have today including all the abuse of women in India, the dirt on the roads, the corrupt excuse for a government that we have,  the fact that the rupee is pegged at 68 times poorer against the dollar and so on! If you bear with me for bit more and read further I will share my understanding of why I feel this is so...  and what the solution to this problem is!

When you disconnect an individual from his or her history, they lose a large part of their sense of identity and hence their confidence in themselves. The become rootless and sometimes ruthless!

Aliens attacking the White House.
From the Movie Independence-Day
Those familiar with psychology will know how this loss of confidence many times true for children coming from split homes. The same works for countries too! Countries behave the same way as people. For instance the US was created by people who were kicked out of their countries. So they got obsessed with the concept of Freedom. And feel that everyone around them - including aliens from other planets- are trying to invade them and have to be defended against! Likewise England being a tiny country and Napoleon being a tiny man made them both try to compensate for that by becoming colonialists and conquering the rest of the world. They re-write history - including things like inventing an Aryan invasion theory to denigrate India - making it look like that this is the natural way human beings behave. But in reality it is just the way people with low self esteem behave. Trying to appear bigger than they are. Trying to grab power and fame and so on..

So coming back to India, India as a country has a consciousness. And that consciousness lost its self confidence when it's history was stolen from it. And we tried to make some self worth from the short history during the past 50 years. But this only makes us feel inferior to the baby cultures that are just a few hundred years old. We try to get some "Indian Pride" by watching 11 bumbling idiots try to hit a red ball with a stick.. and fail miserably...

Not so long ago, India was the greatest nation in the world in terms of technical innovation, art, philosophy and standard of living of its people. It is the richness and abundance of India that attracted a constant stream of invaders. It is the earliest of all civilizations and still is the only ancient civilization that has continued through the past thousands of  years. India is the source of decimal mathematics, the source of all Indo-European languages, of all the world philosophies, the science of buildings cities and what not. But today, we condescendingly call ourselves a "developing" country. We rank quite low on many metrics that we are measured against by other countries. We are told that we have a lot of progress to make.. .

But the basic question now is "Why did we disconnect from our history"??  This was partly because of the false idea of secularism promoted by our near sighted rulers - where instead of celebrating the achievements of every part of India, they dumb-ed ourselves down the to lowest common denominator.

But a more deeper problem exists...

The deeper cause for the disconnection is that much of what is talked about in our history such as miracles and amazing powers and technology are no longer our experience!!!  

We hear of such big abilities - flying machines, ability of people to read minds, to see things happening far away, transport objects and people across large spaces etc etc - but  we  don't see these in our daily lives - not even exhibited in a small scale. And when some parts of the history are made to be doubted, pretty much all of it becomes suspect. And people start ignoring everything that was said there. Thus begins the battle between those who believe and the so called rationalists.

This loss of technology happened because of the ideas we ourselves had about such technology being harmful to spiritual progress. Instead raising the depth of our awareness and intelligence along with the powers, we gave into fear and dropped propagating many of these abilities. While the renunciation of the ancients came from them seeing a deeper truth, when people today denounce these powers they do so out of their inabilities. Renunciation can happen only from a position of power. Those who are weak and in self doubt cannot renounce.

Another cause for the loss of technology is that the British cleverly destroyed the Gurukul system of teaching where people with extraordinary abilities were continuously produced. At least enough of them to show you that such extraordinary beings like Krishna, Rama and Hanuman might have been possible. And are not just a figment of someone's imagination.

The good news is ... All this is going to change! 

Showing an object being materialized
in a CAT scan
Scan of person showing
materialized object
Thanks to one person. Who is reviving back many of the astounding powers or siddhis that are talked about in our puranas.. and also having them validated scientifically. To date he has demonstrated through his disciples - and I along with hundreds of others have been witness to each of it - many secret powers that were hither to only shown to select few people -  materialization  and teleportation of objects, levitation, living without food, reading the cosmic records to find out about the past and future etc. The following image was taken from the tests done under CAT scan showing materialization happening.  For the first time in history, these abilities are being made reproducible and tested scientifically and validated!

The person driving this change is Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He is the best hope India has. This is why he is being attacked by the western backed media and the western educated atheists. 

Quote from Subramanya Swami,
Sane Indian & Member of Parliament
This is why millions of dollars were spent on making a fake video to malign him and millions more to spread it. If you follow this link you will see how all the evidence in the courts including testimonials from FBI approved video experts and the medical records of the false victim who has very easily communicable serious STDs show that the case against him is fabricated. Another person who charged Swamiji with homosexuality is in prison in the US for 5 years for child molestation charges - and he had accused Swamiji just to turn attention away from his case. The ex-COO of Sun-TV Hansraj Saxena has publicly confessed to Sun-TV having doctored the scandal video. This is why the CID is not moving on the case though its been 3 years since charges were filed! All this attack on him is because it is HE who can take revive India and take it back to its glorious traditions.

And you don't have to take my word for it. If you are sincere you can see many of this happening directly if you come to the ashram in Bidadi where he conducts this course called Inner Awakening that will reveal many wonderful things to you. You will understand beyond even these technological marvels, what the Vedic civilization stood for. Only then will we be able to appreciate the things that we have. How we are making progress towards the things that matter even if we might not have the tallest buildings or the largest rockets. Only then will we stop being poor.

This is the only way India is going to regain her glory. When you reject parts of your history - especially the glorious part - you automatically accept the modern scientists are being superior and from then on we need their validation for everything. We stop trusting our own experiences. We always need a white man to say it. And day by day we end up looking to the west for approval. We follow their culture because we think that is good.

There is no absoluteness in wealth. When you make the other want what you have, you become rich and they become poor.

Even when some people try in vain to glorify our past, it rings hollow because parts of our minds are still filled with self doubt. In the end we do not make progress because we are confused. We take no pride in what we make because we don't have pride in ourselves. Given that manufacturing is in bad shape and because what we want is dictated by what the other people say is cool, we rely on other counties for many things. This balance of payments (article by Gurumurthy) makes us look poor.

We are so concerned about catching up with other countries in consumption, warfare and what not that we - both as people and as a government - have not handled the critical issues of education, food and shelter for all our people which should have been our first priority! And by that I don't only mean doing charity work - for charity only keeps people eternally poor. I mean raising the consciousness of people so that these things issues don't arise at all. We should be producing so much that the problem on hand is figuring out what to do with all the excess.

This is why our economy is in a terrible shape. The government - made up of the same people with no self respect - have given up on solving the problem or even understanding it. They keep printing money because they know nothing else. They also focus on stealing as much as they can for themselves and stashing it outside the country. Inflation is a secret tax on people holding the Rupee. The tax doesn't affect the netas  because all their money is in dollars or Euros. People don't trust themselves or the government and hence want to hold onto gold.  That is a symptom. Not the problem. This is why the rupee is at 68, 70 or 100 or whatever.

Poverty is nothing but lack of self worth.  And anyone who doesn't respect where they came from disrespects a large part of themselves.

With self respect, we will create things of extraordinary value out of joy and completion. We will take pride in what we produce and we will pay attention to the needs of others and focus our energies on the things that matter. We will not tolerate people living in poverty or suffering due to lack of food or knowledge.

The solution fundamentally is the inner awakening of all Indians to the truth of our history and the truth of our inner selves - which is what our civilization was all about.  Understanding that the powers of the inner world are much greater than the powers the come from outside - even in material terms. First understanding.. and then experiencing that we have these powers...  and THEN going beyond it. When each person understands this, they will understand that we are not poor as we have been made to believe. Our greatness comes not by comparison but by who we are. In the things that matter, we are a very rich country. That we are children of immortality and the favorites of the cosmos. Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam.  And that we have a lot to offer to the our neighbors and to the world!

Thanks for reading. I appreciate your time and interest. If you found this interesting, do share it with all the people in your life so that we can collectively break out of our illusion of backwardness, poverty and powerlessness.


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