Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Medical tests exonerate Nithyananda of rape charge .. Again!

Two months ago a newspaper revealed that the medical tests vindicate Swami Nithyananda's Claim. Today's report submitted by the CID clearly shows that they were true! Every claim made by Swamiji have been shown to be true by the data in the reports!

Here is the summary of Swami Nithyananda's medical report submitted today by the CID to the court in Ramnagara.

  1. Doctors have not stated that he is capable of performing a sexual act
  2. Noted that Swamiji's blood shows no sexually transmitted diseases including Herpes. This clearly shows alleged rape victim's allegations of rape are false as she has 4 incurable and highly contagious STDs which spread by mere skin to skin contact, while Sri Nithyananda Swami has none.
  3. CID has ruled out his having had unnatural sex (as he was accused) . This clearly shows alleged victim of Section 377 Vinay Bharadwaj's allegations are false.
  4. Very low Testosterone levels of 12.9 ng/dl – while the lowest level for adult male is 250 ng/dl
  5. Insignificant blood flow in the Penis
  6. Hypogandism - sexual functioning is at the pre-puberty level
  7. Impotency is proven. 




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