Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Myth of Free Speech

Speech has never been free. It costs money to get your point of view out on TV. It costs money to get something printed on newspapers.  Yes they are all sold - whether explicitly or through a quid pro quo arrangement. It costs money to get your book published and sit on the shelves. Even the internet - supposedly free - costs money if you have anything important to say. You have to hire a SEO firm or pay facebook and google for adspace and result ranks.

If you are saying useless stuff, then yes, the "wisdom" of crowds works and your content can go viral. But it never works for anything of true value - which inherently is contrary to the way the population thinks. All great revolutions go against the grain of common wisdom. And it is never the mainstream media that makes the information come out.

 Free speech is a ploy to keep your own "market" protected and make others open up theirs.  Some people have money - they are the vaishyas, the businessmen. Some have power - and these are the kshatriyas, the politicians and kings.

The folks with money complain against the folks who have power (which ultimately comes from their guns and handcuffs) and hence the noise against censorship and the cry for free speech. The folks who have power complain against the control of the folks who have money - whether it be from this country or outside - and try to control their influence on their kingdoms.

The intellectuals, the folks who have mind power - the brahmanas, are really under the control of their conditioning. They only argue for the prejudices they have been brought up with in school - whether they are arguing for the supremacy of the white civilization (western-ism), or the idea of equality (aka socialism), or the virtue of selfishness (capitalism), or defending atoms and molecules (materialism) and so on.

The common people (pretty much the rest of us) - the Sudras, just want our entertainment, and all these other people trying to sell their ideas are just distractions. If you can spend money to reach them .. or use your control and censorship power to force your ideas.. or use your brains to make your content entertaining enough to sneak in your idea in-between, then you have their attention for a fleeting 20 seconds.

Speech isn't, and has never been, free. It is just a bunch of vested interests trying to control what we see or hear or think.  Free Speech is a marketing word .. just like democracy, secularism, patriotism, equality and so on. Its a way to make others open their doors while keeping yours closed.

I am not saying that is right. All I am saying is this is how it works. We have to understand the scam.

The people who want you to be really free are the ones who are most often painted as villains and comedians to be made fun of - for they threaten ALL these vested interests including what you believe to be your "own ideas".

Wake up and look out for yourselves. Free yourself... ALL the way..

-- Moksha (Freedom) Priyan (Lover of)

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