Monday, August 17, 2015

What is wrong with money? And how to make tons of it.

Anyone who has looked at currency notes closely would have observed two types of notes. The one rupee note.. and every other type of note. If you haven't taken the time to stare at the pieces of paper that control your entire life, take a look now. You have 2 minutes.

So the answer - which you would have figure out in an instant - is this:   the one rupee note is printed by the government of India while the rest are printed by the reserve bank of India and have the words "I owe the bearer xyz rupees". So all currencies are promissory notes.. Sort of like a bearers bank check. While the One Rupee note is just "One rupee". Nothing else.

Money as a means of exchange.. As a convenient alternative to carrying goats or rice bags cannot be disputed. So there is really nothing wrong with money. Much of the secret behind money is hidden in the one rupee. What is the value of one rupee? What does it mean at all?

If you go to an economist he would give you a long story about Gold standards and Dollar standards and interest rates and unemployment. But fundamentally the truth is this: that money is a hoax. If "they" can convince you that their piece of paper has value, it has value. Otherwise is it is worth less than toilet paper. This is the low down on Money. It is a collective delusion. Something that we all agree.. Or by our lack of understanding end up following by default.

If you make a group of people believe mica is awesome, mica becomes valuable. Everyone wants it. And the guy owning mica becomes rich. The countries that have mica become powerful. The countries that don't become poor.

You may ask.. But aren't there things that are directly useful. Like say gasoline? Or wheat. Yes. But just like the one rupee note  vs all other notes, they are all intermediary values that rely on an ultimate value - the one rupee, that someone just made up.

So what do all these economists like Amartya Sen and the likes who get Nobel prizes do? Their job is to justify someone else's idea of money. They are paid clerks who get praised for ensuring that the scam called money that is defined by the USA, the world Bank and others is accepted. Their job is to keep the illusion going. To scare people who try to leave the game because it is unfair. To hide the truth that ultimately the so called "global economy" is kept alive with media brainwashing, sepoys like Sen and a powerful army and nuclear weapons.

Now, there is no problem with someone creating an idea of value and playing a game - like in monopoly. We agree on the rules and play the game. Some win and some lose.

But the serious problem with the economy today is that the game has become too serious. People's lives have started depending on it. Starvation happens. Unemployment. Lives ruined. All because people are not allowed to leave and start their own game.

Having a roof on your head is a fundamental right. In olden days if you wanted a house, you go cut some trees, get some mud, find some land and build a house. But now most people end up spending 30-40 years paying for their house! Their entire life is wasted thinking about mortgages, refinancing, inflation and so on. What stupidity!

The problem with the current economic system is that it was created by people who had a wrong idea of life. They believe life is tough. That we have to compete. That everyone has to struggle and suffer. Hence the system - born out of scarcity - reinforces scarcity.

Reality, however, is entirely different. Life is abundance. Life is joy. There is no scarcity in life unless you make it yourself. Wealth is whatever makes you joyful. And in reality, anything you want can make you happy. So there is an infinite amount of wealth in the world. You can make wealth just by your will. And you can gather a group of friends who feel the same and enjoy it. That is the economy of abundance. That is the way wealth was viewed, created and enjoyed in India. That is the concept of Lakshmi - of abundance, auspisciousness and infinity.

When you work with this scarcity mindset, your wealth depends on others believing in what you have. And you having more than others. Hence you are constantly trying to make others believe in your standard. That is why trillions of dollars in spent by the haves to keep the have nots poor. Because their wealth depends on others poverty. If you believe in the fundamental lie of limited resources and survival of the fittest, this would seem inevitable. But when you start questioning the basic assumptions, the entire charade falls apart.

Bharathi, a great poet from south India said: "If a single man lacks food, let us destroy this world". This is what he meant. If the game goes so far as to interfere in anyone's life, it is time to wind up the game.

So is India poor? My resounding answer is no. On the metrics that matter India is way better than any country. But for the stupid people living in cities who have been brainwashed by western media into believing their idea of money, like Amartya Sen and his lot, India looks like a poor country. Poverty is in the mind. I know many would swing back with number of calories eaten, clothes worn etc etc. But you must understand that all those metrics are made up by countries who want you to be poor to become rich. If we discovered an alien race with advance technology, will life in the US become a poverty stricken hell hole? The answer is: only of you want it to.

So the first step out of poverty is not competing in someone elses rules. The first step is understanding that life is good and wealth is infinite. That is the Vedic way of making wealth. When you understand the basics of wealth, life is filled with joy and you experience a life of abundance. That is the significance of goddess Lakshmi coming out of the churning of the milky ocean. The churning indicates going within yourself. And that is where wealth is to be found.

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