Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mind reading.. Premonition or Chance?

I thought a lot before deciding to post this because it is a bit too personal. But then I figured it is something worthwhile to share and might help others - especially those who know me enough to not doubt my integrity or my sanity. And maybe the whole incident happened so that I might share it. So here goes..

This happened a few weeks back after I listened to this morning lecture by Swami Nithyananda on exploding the brain's potential and about how the Ajna Chakra in between your eyebrows is sort of like a cosmic internet where one can download any information if properly trained.

He was telling in the talk how the modern education system was based on the myth that everything has to be fed into the brain via the senses and hence students spend inordinate amounts of time learning facts and knowledge that they don't really need.

He talked earlier about one incident in his early childhood where some of his friends challenged him to a knowledge contest and asked him what the idol on the pavazhakundru hill in his home town was. Though he nor anyone else in the town except the priest and his family had been inside the temple (and the popular view in the village was that it was a Muruga temple) he could clearly see in his Ajna that the temple was an Ardhanarishwara temple.

Taking inspiration from that, I felt like doing a number guessing game. I went to Surya and told him that I could read his mind. I asked him to think of a number from 1 to 10 and focus on his Ajna. Which he did. I then, to his delight, guessed the number correctly as 6. But being smart kid he said that I was possibly lucky and that I had 1 in 10 chance of guessing right. I asked him to do it once more.. and again guessed it rightly - the number I guessed now being 8. This time his jaw dropped as he figured out that an odds of 1:100 was decent enough to trust me. At that point I no longer felt like guessing more and stopped.

The incident both delighted and freaked me out. Not because I haven't seen it before. Swamiji regularly has given me answers to questions the moment they pop into my head. I have a number of friends at the ashram who constantly have such mystic experiences and Siddis like levitating on cue. But I was never one of them. I always felt that it was because I did not have the ability to handle the power in some way. Which is one of the reason I didn't try to continue the guessing game. I have read enough times that these powers are not to be used frequently and that their only use, if any, is to give inspiration to people on the inward path. So I stopped the moment we felt it was clear enough for us. Surely, there would be skeptics reading this who might think an odds 1:100 is not a big deal. They would, I guess, have to wait for something that is tailored to their degree of skepticism.

One thing that I didn't tell Surya at that time so that I don't scare him out further was that the numbers actually came into my head before I asked him to think of a number. Almost as-if the whole incident was a orchestrated drama! I don't think this involved me suggesting numbers to him as a couple of years back just after my inner awakening course I had a similar incident involving 3 rolls of a die that I could correctly predict. Then too, I got the feeling that I could predict the roll before I started rolling. I had then stopped when my odds reached 1:216 which I had thought was good enough for me.

Given that I did not try this prediction stuff in between, that gives a combined odds of 1:200,000. Your own personal odds could be got by multiplying this by your trust in my integrity, sanity and 1 minus the probability that you think I am smoking something. And of course you need to further reduce this by how much this would shake you from your current belief system and ideas about the universe we live in .. and the amount of your investments based on that belief system :)

Happy wondering...

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