Friday, July 29, 2011

Kailash Yatra. Day 4

29 July 2011. 1.30pm

Satsang in the morning followed by en-Kriya... In a hall filled with, as Swami put it, "all the heavy weights" of levitation in Dhyanapeetam. And all packed up in a small dining cum meeting room. Quite a Tsunami experience :)

Another morning on the lake with Swami. Swami is in full Kailash mood and available so freely with all the participants! 4 photoshoots and 3 meals from Swami's own hands. 2 half a day boat rides. One 6 hour bus ride! What fun!

Boat ride day 2

Followed by lunch and another enlightening bus ride where swami talked about many mystic details of Avatars and the city inside Kailash, enlightenment, shivas different phases in different towns etc. We then visited the Vindya Vashini temple nearby. This area Swami says is where Devi's relatives stayed an ruled. Devi herself was born near Manasarovar though..

Sadhu on the lakefront

Location:Pokhra Nepal

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