Monday, February 9, 2015

The Beeshma and Sakuni: My Meeting with Mohan Bhagawat Ji

Mohan Bhagwatji
February 1st, 2015 I happened to have a chance meeting with Sri Mohan Bhagawat ji - the supremo of RSS, the organization that put Narendra Modi on the throne of Delhi.

Brahm Agarwal
I had accompanied a friend Brahm Aggarwal who runs a Hindu University in the US and is also a successful businessman to the 5th International Conference of Elders of Worlds Ancient Cultures and Traditions at the Ganapathi Sachchidananda Ashrama in Mysuru organized by the RSS in Mysore.

5th International Conference of Elders
of Worlds Ancient Cultures and Traditions 
After the morning program at around 2 pm in the afternoon we were called in to meet Mohan Bhagawatji. After Brahm Agarwal talked to him and was done, out of the blue I found myself face to face with who is arguably the most powerful man today in India. He looked at me to ask what I wanted..  And as always I had only one issue to discuss - the issue which I felt has far reaching consequences for India and the world: The illegal harassment of my Guru, Swami Nithyananda by the media, the police, the legal processes, the politicians and what not.

Luckily I had with me fool proof evidences that showed that the case against Swamiji was foisted.

  1. Medical records that showed that the fake victim had many STDs and affidavits of doctors clearly stating that with such a disease profile one cannot have a relationship even once - leave alone 50 times - without transmitting the disease. And that given Swamiji's tests show no affliction that the allegations of rape are false.
  2. The recorded audio conversation of Kalyanaraman who openly admits to being the mastermind behind the false rape case and the offer to withdraw the case if he was given 75 lakhs and certain properties. In the conversation he clearly alleges that S Gurumurthy RSS ideologue was one of the persons behind the attacks.. and also other RSS figures such as Mahohar Schinde and Kishan Reddy
  3. I also had the public confession in front of the commissioner's office Chennai by SunTV COO Hansraj Saxena stating that Sun TV was behind morphing of the video and that they have a regular practice of extorting prominent people and businessmen.

  4. Testimonies by 4 world renowned experts to the US courts showing how the video of Swamiji can be shown to be morphed. How the TV on the screen is not flickering at it normally should, how the eye movements of the people don't correlate to the events, how the video is being edited and overlaying images and videos have been used etc.
  5. How all these have helped us win the 2 cases filed by the same fake victims in the US and not only that.. they have been fined almost 3 crore rupees each for making these false claims

S. Gurumurthy, Auditor
and Conspirator
I had also wanted to talk to him about the infamous S Gurumurthy of the RSS who had continuously run the virulent campaign and attack against Swamiji out of jealously and bigotry. Gurumurthy, an auditor by profession and conspirator by night is a well known name in South India. His main talent seems to be constantly engaging in politicking and attempting to take over or destroy what others have built. Some years before he had engaged in attempts to take over and change the leadership of the 2000 year old Shankara Mutt at Kanchi when Sri Jayendra Saraswathi was going through persecution by the media and dirty Tamil Nadu politics.

And in 2010 he tried to do the same thing with the Nithyananda Ashrams. When the attempt to do that failed, he went on virulent campaign against Swamiji by turning all the powers of media and law enforcement against him. It became clear to us as time passed that the entire attack even prior to the SunTV extortion was masterminded by him and his sidekick R Kalyanaraman. Sometime earlier he has written an abusive article about Swamiji in the RSS mouthpiece Vijaya Bharatham. Here is the letter he sent to Sri Nithya Bhaktananda in trying to egg Swamiji to resign as head of the Ashram!

His presence was a great danger to Hindutva and when the organizations upholding Dharma are destroyed, the RSS would end up just being a terrorist and political group. It was this danger that I wanted to convey to Sri Mohan Bhagwat.

In the short time I had, I quickly told Bhagawatji all the facts of the case and why he should interfere and make sure that these renegade RSS people do not spoil the future of Swamiji and hence that of India and the world. 

Knowing his reputation, I expected some action on the matter. However I was completely disappointed when he said that Gurumurthy was the person who was handling this issue on behalf of the RSS.. that he is the person authorized by him and RSS to negotiate with us. I tried telling that he was the one behind the attacks on us based on empty rivalry and greed. But I don't think I got through.

Since then my attempts to meet Mohanji have not borne fruit. Clearly someone is working hard to keep the truth away from him.. and one wonder who was the Sakuni who is powerful enough in the Sangh to throw the wool over the eyes of the Beeshma Pitama of the RSS.

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