Friday, July 29, 2011

Kailash Yatra Day 4 Afternoon

On the bus back from the Vindya Vashini temple Swami talked about Saligramas and how they are formed. How the stone has life in it and can suck out pain. But unfortunately many of these were man made. Luckily for me he picked out one for me that was genuine. And not only that he energized it for me by holding it throughout the afternoon!!!!

After that we found a scenic riverbank to relax and chat..

And in the middle of it all Swami started a mind-blowing process of transferring the bio memory of teleportation from the teleporters to two others. You could visibly see the transfer happening as the recipients who were holding the hands with the source were getting hot and perspiring in the cold evening outdoors. Swami said that transferring from others was in some ways easier since the bio memories resist their peers less as opposed to Swami who is so vast and hence might be intimidating. He said the heat was because he was dissolving all the samskaras and blocks by negotiating with their bio memories and easing their concerns!! Swami says he would have quite a few teleporters and a huge number if levitators (more than already there) in the group by the end of the Yatra!

Enjoying history in the making..

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Location:Pokhara, Nepal

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