Saturday, December 7, 2013

Advaita as Infinity

Non duality - Advaita - is not oneness or monism. It means there is no two. Not one either. It is infinite. It is that the infinite comes within your experience! This is the experiential expression of Advaita. That is why the Sanatana Hindu dharma allows all of us to become Gods without anyone needed to police. All of us are Gods. You just have to establish yourself into the state of completion. Hindus do not believe in ONE god. Advaita does not support the concept of one God. It allows for infinite Gods. All of them infinitely powerful. Without the need for any supreme Godhead. Only this experiential expression answers all the questions that comes up with all the philosophies. Including agnostic philosophies such as Buddhism and atheistic philosophies such as Caravka.. This is one of highest experiential expression of Advaita which is the core of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Hinduism does not believe in one God. Not multiple Gods. But infinite Gods. Without requiring with any single Godhead to regulate. 

I break the myth of oneness. The myth of a supreme personality of Godhead. The necessity of the supreme personality of Godhead. The whole Hinduism and humanity is going to be revolutionized by this understanding! 

No debate can be solved. Which argument leads to further possibility. And which allows the possibility further exploration should be final word or the winner. Debate is not for a solution. But for the final word. 

Infinite Gods. Infinitely powerful. Without requiring any single personality of Godhead ruling or guiding. This will lead humanity to the next level of understanding. This solves all the fights. All the debates. All the controversies related to God. I name this experiential expression as Nithyanandam! 

It is not that all are equally powerful. All are infinitely powerful. It is up to each one to express that power. With this experiential expression start re-cognizing all the questions you gave up on. This is not a philosophy. It is the experiential expression of infinity. 

-- Sri Nithyananda Swami
Inner Awakening Program
Bali, Indonesia, 8 Dec 2013

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