Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Does God Exist?

I read this article many years back and always wanted to share it but never found the original to share out. I still can't find it.. but here is what I remember of it.

This was written by a reporter who was covering some calamity - floods or war .. not sure. Food was scarce and the few food trucks that managed to reach the place found huge crowds of people trying to get at the food. They managed to use force and make long lines and ration the little food out to as many as possible. The reporter noticed a little girl who was standing for almost the entire day in the line and when she finally got her turn, she was given two bananas. As she was walking away two smaller kids rushed to her begging for food and without hesitation she gave each of them one banana - no splitting it three ways.. or keeping something for herself. And surely she must have been hungry because there was no food available there.  Seeing this the reporter had tears in his eyes.

And he concluded the article saying:  "These are the moments when we wonder why there is so much suffering on this planet.. and they make us ask whether God exists at all..   And to the people with that question, the answer I have to give is this: Yes. God does exist. And today...   I have seen her with my own eyes"

That last line never left my head.  And for some reason I remember it very often nowadays.   "Yes. God does exist.  And today ...     I have seen her with my own eyes."

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