Thursday, June 6, 2013

Inner Awakening : Find Your Self

Bite sized enlightenment

Inner awakening  ( - The most powerful transformational meditation and kundalini awakening retreat on the planet is now offered in 3 levels. 
Level 1  (4 days): Learn 4 powerful techniques - of integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching - to run your life. Discover the deep relation between listening and completion. Completing with yours conflicting thought patterns that cause powerlessness and align your self image and your projected image thus removing stress. Identify the root pattern of suffering 
Level 2  (10 days): Discover the root pattern of powerlessness from your earliest childhood experiences. Initiation into a powerful technique of unclutching and completing with yourself and others to experience great relationships. 
Level 3 (11 days): Initiation into the space of creation and other mystical initiations such as healers' initiation, vak siddhi (the power of declaration) etc.
Level 1 & 2 can be done online via live 2-way video conferencing from all around the world.

Try Inner Awakening Risk Free!

  • No Travel: You can attend Level 1 & 2 online via 2-way video conferencing from the nearest center close to you.  
  • No Time away from Work: It happens at night time in the US - so you don't need to take time off from your work if you don't mind a little stretching.  
  • No Money Risk: If you know me personally, call me in the next 24 hours and I'll  give you a money back guarantee that you will find phenomenal breakthroughs during Inner Awakening in all dimensions in your life - money, relationships, health, career or enlightenment - that you want to make progress in. 
So...  Risk Free Enlightenment! It doesn't get better than this. Stop postponing. Call now! :)  

What is IA is all about...

Our Lives

  • ... are run by the blueprint of our mental patterns 
  • These patterns make us experience powerlessness and lack of fulfillment  and affect all aspects of our life such as Health, Relationships, Wealth or our Profession
  • Over time, our patterns are stored deep in our muscle and bio memories making it difficult to become free of them even when we intellectually understand their limiting effects 

Inner Awakening

  • ... helps us discover and become free of the unique root thought patterns of powerlessness that each of us carry that originates from our early childhood experiences and beyond
  • The course works on our mental and emotional layers through powerful processes, understandings and meditations
  • It also works directly on our muscle memories through yoga and fitness and on our core bio-memory through direct spiritual initiations by the master
  • Beyond completion, it provides a very powerful framework to run our cognition based on the four truths of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching which allows us to lead a life free of patterns and carrying the inner space of positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment



         Level 1: Aug 16 to 19 (4 days)
         Level 2: Aug 16 to 25 (10 days)
         Full Program: Aug 16 to Sep 5 (21 days)

   Place: Bidadi, Bangalore, India or Via Video Conf from everywhere
   Contact: 1-800-265-3386 USA or +91-80-2727-9999 India
   FAQ: Inner Awakening Rude Q&A

Discover What Controls Your Life




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