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The Tyranny of Food

And how you can free yourself from it

Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Heart disease, Stomach and Mouth Ulcers, Heart burn, Constipation, Hernia, Kidney problems, Obesity, Joint problems, Cancer, Gall stones, Tooth problems, Gum disease, Back Pain...  The list of diseases that are related to diet and obesity go on and on. Not to mention malnutrition, hunger, food poisoning etc. And the subtler effects of bad eating such as reduced thinking abilities, insensitivity etc. In-fact, almost all diseases are in some way or the other connected to food and the digestive system

A very significant part of the world's GDP is spent on food cultivation, distribution, processing, cooking,marketing and so on. In some countries it is as high as 80%. More than half of the world's population is directly working with the food industry - either in agriculture - producing food - or in cooking or processing or marketing it.

I would go out on a limb and say that almost all wars are related to food - as it is food that is in turn translated to land and water. If you drive just 20 minutes from any city you would find waste spaces of land - even in the most densely populated areas of India and Europe. So it is not land-per-say that is scarce.. But the amount of land needed - or thought needed - to sustain a population. Destruction of  primal forests such as in Brazil or large scale deforestation that leads to floods such as the recent ones in Uttarkand in North India stem directly from the desperate need to grow more food.

Food is the basic bondage or threat with which the society binds an individual. It is the first "pain" we feel as an infant. And it the thing that makes people into bonded slaves to their employers (or spouses) for almost all their lives.

But the questions that we are never encouraged to ask are -  Is food really scarce? Does it need to be so expensive? Do we really need to eat as much as we are made to believe we need to eat? Is most food produced today toxic to the human body?  People who just delve a little deeper into the questions would quickly come up with the answers - No, No, No and Yes.

But beyond what is obvious - at least to the few of the thinking people in society - there is a deeper truth behind food. A question we never even dare to ask..

Does the human body need food at all?

It is surely sounds like a  preposterous question given what we all  know about human biology, digestion, nutrition etc.  But what I have witnessed in the last year in my own body and in others around me, makes me believe that humans can live and function at their peak capacities with very minimal amounts of food and... most likely -  if the experiences of others are to be believed - with absolutely no food or water whatsoever!

Before you give a dismissive sigh and stop reading, I'd like you to take a look at this video and news article. This was my first exposure to the possibility of no food. This is an article from the Telegraph magazine from the UK in 2003 about a 82 year old yogi from western India who claims to have not eaten or drank anything for the previous 70 years. The video shows research done at the defense medical university which placed him under continuous video surveillance in a closed room for 2 weeks and found astonishing results.

Man claims to have had no food or drink for 70 years - Telegraph UKBBC, Daily Mail, Wikipedia - Indian military scientists are studying an 82-year-old who claims he has not had any food or drink for 70 years.

Nirahara Samyama - Living Food Free 

You can do it too!

If you have come to this point, you possibly have two questions in mind..
  1. Is this really true  - can it be scientifically verified
  2. and How does this one-off phenomenon help me? 
The answers to both the questions is this process called the Nirahara Samyama developed by my master Paramahamsa Nithyananda over the past year - making a reproducible science of what has so far been random freak occurrence.  Starting with a few ashram-ites almost an year ago and slowly expanding out to close devotees and then to others, today hundreds of people have been initiated into this process by which they can go beyond hunger and further more, live without any solid food. A few people have advanced to the stage where they live only on water!

And starting next week - on 1st July - the first stage of the process  which involves a short meditation and Kriya or technique each day  - is available to everyone around the world wherever you are via the internet. Doing the process you can experience progressively 2, 7 and 11 days of no-hunger and no-food!

WhatNirahara Samyama - Initiation into living without hunger & solid food  WhenJuly 1st (June 30th for USA) to 21st, 2013,  8.00 am (India Standard Time) or 7:30pm (PST) - each day   WhereOnline via Nithyananda TV (             or via Satellite channels Sadhana TVLotus News TV  

My brother and I doing the Samyama
Dec 2012
I personally went through almost 2 months on just liquids last year - just light juices and water. And all the while I never felt any hunger nor felt tiredness while working 20 hours per day! Even today, when I skip a meal or two or three when I am working or travelling, I hardly notice till someone reminds me. Something quite unthinkable for a vast majority of the population. My father who is a senior doctor and was the Dean of the Madras Medical College, when he first heard that I was going to take part in this process, warned me that not having food for 2 months would seriously affect my intestines and kidney functions and so on. When I sent him my medical reports after the process he agreed that everything looked fine.. and what more on many metrics such as cholesterol levels etc. I had become a lot healthier!

While many questions about how this is possible and what the "scientific" basis behind all this is needs to be answered by the medical and scientific community, the plain simple truth is that it works! And a few hundred people are living testimonials to it.  Here is the video from Swamiji explaining what the process is and how it works.

Nirahara - The Natural Cure for Obesity

Beyond health, all the root mental patterns we carry are directly or indirectly related to food. Becoming free of food gives us release from the bondage of all these patterns - such as fear, sex, worry etc.. Hear from Swamiji directly about this.. 

Technique to detox your body & mind

This is your chance to try it out for yourself.. and break free from the tyranny of food
For more information visit the site for Niraharis at:
Join group the Facebook group to discuss and talk to people who are living food free!


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